Gourmet comes with 9 predefined pagetypes. You can choose wether you want to have a sidebar on the right, on the left or display your content fullwidth.

Special page types that add additional options to the page are the pagetype with a working contact form, the start page (homepage) where you can select weather you want to display a slider or not and where you can customise the content based on the widget areas we created.
Additionally we created a special pagetype to display your menu and you can choose from a version with filter options or without.
Another very handy pagetype is the reservation page. This offers you a predefined form to give your guests the opportunity to send you there reservation requests by email.
Last bat not least is the sitemap page type which is very important for search engine optimisation (SEO) and an error 404 pagetype. You can’t set the ‘error 404 – page not found’ to a page itself but you can define the title and the copy of that page in the theme options. So if something’s odd with your links you’re prepared!