Open daily: Mon – Fri 8am – 11.30pm

301 Harris Street · Sydney 3060

Call us at: 0800 555 123 456


Cranberries pastries – $4.95

Fan-shaped puff pastries with cream, cranberries and syrup

Banana Cake – $2.95

Dessert cake with banana, coffee and hot chocolate sauce

Cheesecake with mint – $6.95

Cheesecake with chocolate sauce and mint

Sponge cake – $3.95

Sponge cake with cream cheese and strawberry sauce

Crepes with strawberries – $3.45

Crepes with cheese and strawberries sprinkled with chocolate shavings

Filled puff pastry with fresh fruit – $1.99

Cream filled puff pastry shell garnished with fresh fruit


Spargethi Napoli – $9.95

Selfmade spargethi pasta with a delicious tomatoe sauce and fresh garlic!

Spargethi Seefood – $14.95

Selfmade spargethi pasta with a delicious tomato sauce, fresh seafood and garlic!

Spargethi Bollongnese – $12.95

Selfmade spargethi pasta with a delicious tomato sauce, herbs and fresh garlic!


All Pizzas come with fresh tomatoes and cheese. Additional ingredients just $1,- extra.
Pizza Margaritha – $5.95

Handmade pizza with double cheese.

Pizza Salami – $7.95

Homemade pizza with tomatoes, cheese and salami.

Pizza Hawaii – $8.95

Homemade pizza with ham and pineapples.

Pizza Funghi – $8.95

Homemade pizza with tomatoes, onions and fresh mushrooms.

Pizza BBQ – $7.95

Homemade pizza with chicken and our legendary BBQ sauce.


Choose one of the following dressings: 1000 Islands, Vinegar, Honey Mustard.
Salad Ruccula – $14.95

Fresh ruccula salad with tomatoes, cucumber and onions.

Salad Chef – $17.95

Green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, egg, ham and fresh herbs.

Salad Farm – $17.95

Green salad with corn, ham, onions and cross baked chickenbreast.